"Leave a Brightness in Your Wake"

"Leave a Brightness in Your Wake"

Inspired by a quote from my pastor, Matthew Browne. The image of the world is in the froth of the golden liquid. And the hand is reaching up to help. May our love be like a bright liquid and may it flow to the whole world. For the light within us is the wine of our savior blood that we drink at communion.

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"I can't tell you how moved I was with what you did. Your demeanor, skill, the videos, everything from the slight movements, and the cadence. It was so amazing."

         -Jeff Vanderlaan, board of the Association of College Ministries


"Ross's work helped resolve some of my biggest questions of faith."
-Paul W., Wichita, Kansas

Ross.Boone@RawSpoon.com  |  (303) 359-4232