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Have you asked yourself these questions?

This course will focus your strengths, passions, and experiences into your mission and give you practical tools to accomplish it.

You can checkout a few of the videos from the course below for free.

This course includes:

This course teaches you to do your own mission map. It also teaches many other digital hacks, practical procedures, and researched and tested tools to help you overcome your roadblocks, live a more purposeful, organized, disciplined life, and systematically become your best self.

After this course you will:

  • know what your mission is.

  • have tools to systematically achieve your mission

  • have a systematic method to do everything in your life with more focus and purpose

You will get​:

  • 100% money-back guarantee if unsatisfied, plus Ross will do a personal mission map with you for free. 

  • ​Access to the Facebook group for accountability.

  • 50+ videos, adding up to 98+ minutes of content, to guide hours of self reflection and analysis

  • A few slides with 18 art pieces partnered with meditation questions to help shake out spiritual and emotional blocks

  • 5 templates that help

    • identify your mission,

    • break down big goals into sustainable daily steps,

    • replace bad habits with better ones, 

    • establish daily rhythms you can sustain, and

    • do daily spiritual devotionals. 

  • ​Life hacks to help you:​

    • log what you learn each day, as well as memories you don't want to forget

    • identify distractions you can trim out of your life

    • fit in regular retreats of reflection

    • integrate and utilize Google calendar, Google tasks, and email to make daily progress on your goals

    • prioritize your tasks (technique called QUI score)

    • do chores as easily as normal distractions

    • to make your workspace enjoyable (because you're more likely to do work if you like being in your workspace) 

  • Technology tools:

    • that make your smart phone read you your goals while you do other things.

    • that make finishing tasks rewarding and fun (specific Apps)

    • that integrate your apps with your smartwatch for a quicker draw

    • that schedule breaks during which you can knock out your goals​

    • that streamline your email inbox

  • You will have access to the videos for 3 months.

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