What you'll get:​


This class is the video equivalent of the in-person workshop. It will show you how to list and align all of your diverse strengths, passions, and experiences toward a purpose. It also gives a template and graphic for you to do your own mission map.

After this class you will:

  • know what you are best built to give to this world.

  • have tools to systematically achieve your mission.

  • have a method of doing everything you do with more focus and efficiency.

  • have tools to systematically hone into your best, healthiest life.


You will get​:

  • 100% money-back guarantee: if the class isn't worth what you pay, call Ross and not only will he give you your money back, but will also give you a personalized one-on-one session to help you find your mission and pursue it: 303-359-4232

  • These tools:

    • A worksheet with questions to reveal your "Strengths," "Passions," and "Hard Journey" and how to overlap them as a method of finding your mission

    • A template and instructions on how to continuously refine your routines to achieve your most optimized life, and give purpose to everything you do

    • Weekly printout that can be used to organize daily tasks

    • Weekly printout that can be used to have effective daily Scripture study sessions.

    • Monthly printout that can be used for goal setting and strategy 

  • Over 75 minutes of videos, to guide hours of self reflection and analysis

  • 36 videos, each covering new concepts that move you toward your mission and more strategic, effective living

  • Meditations on 18 art pieces to help shake out spiritual and emotional blocks

  • A grid for reprogramming old habits into better ones

  • ​Access to the Facebook group for accountability.

Ross.Boone@RawSpoon.com  |  (303) 359-4232

"I can't tell you how moved I was with what you did. Your demeanor, skill, the videos, everything from the slight movements, and the cadence. It was so amazing."

         -Jeff Vanderlaan, board of the Association of College Ministries


"Ross's work helped resolve some of my biggest questions of faith."
-Paul W., Wichita, Kansas