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If I actually think about it, it doesn’t seem unjustified to tell people who came here illegally to go back to where they came from. I mean laws are set in place to help an entity run well so the ruling authority technically has the right to choose consequences for those who disregard them.

So I don’t think it is outside of our President’s power to operate on laws that he (presumably) thinks makes the country run well. I don’t think I can impose my Christian ethic of embracing immigrants on the nation, since our law making is supposed to be outside of religious standards.

But, this doesn’t mean I would do the same thing if I were president. I believe our nation’s success has been largely due to our conviction to help those who are in need, even when it’s not in our best interest for wealth and profitability. Our conviction to welcome the refugees, to support other nations who are in need, leave no child behind, and even to go back in for our troops at the risk of losing more troops (Black Hawk Down type of philosophy), is beautiful to me. And it is how I would prefer anything representing me to operate. I am proud of that approach to living.

Also, what I am very proud of is the outrage that our nation shows when the president operates in a mainly self-strengthening, business-like decision, disregarding benevolent, beyond-what-is-required, Christian ethics.

It makes me think of a business that has run above reproach, with generosity, even to the point of sacrificing its own wealth, long enough to become its culture’s DNA (I can think of a few businesses that operate like this). But when a new CEO comes in and makes it just about business again, the employees are so appalled at the degrade in their moral standards, they cry out.

We cry out for our nation to return to it’s compassionate, Christian-centric ethic, to help the helpless, even when we have no legal obligation to do so, even if it means we have to give up some of our own comforts.

President Trump, please consider what we may be losing in our reputation, and in the progression of our souls, by moving from a country that is known for its effort to make the world better, even at its own expense, to a nation that cares primarily for itself.

Raw Spoon, 9-6-17

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