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Ghosts are Science

I heard an NPR story yesterday in which a family moved into an old house. It still had ancient woodwork, old appliances, and even had gas lights. But they started hearing furniture and dishes moving around where there was nobody to move them. They started getting sick and the plants were dying. They were hearing disembodied sighs and moans. The mother even woke up to a ghostly couple sitting on her bed one time. They were getting pretty concerned. They were starting to believe in ghosts.

But… someone suggested they check the gas pipes and sure enough they had a carbon monoxide leak, which could account for all of those sightings as symptoms.

I bet a lot of us just nodded our heads near the second half of that last sentence and thought, ‘Yep, I knew there was a scientific explanation.’ And we just believed a little more firmly that all paranormal activity can be explained away by science, and that people who believe otherwise are a little less informed. But we’ll still be nice to them anyway and nod when they tell us their beliefs.


But I’ve been wondering if (in the same way that other scientific fields have been expanded over the centuries) there is an existence of a new dimension of matter that we are not yet able to sense with our instruments. I mean, psychosomatic symptoms can explain away a lot of religious and paranormal reports but there are some interesting questions that science doesn’t yet have answers for. Like different dimensions, and the intuitions of the mind and soul.

And if there are beings that are in a dimension thinly veiled next to ours, and they have tortured minds and fickle personalities, I bet they would be pretty hard to pin down with science, because science requires an event to be reproducible in order to be proven.

And there is a lot of experiential data that seems to suggest there is something else going on. A lot of really smart, sane people attest to seeing ghosts, miracles, having spooky teenage Ouija board experiences, and things they don’t really have the science to explain.

So I just want to bring that to light- that even though much of mythology, and the spiritual world throughout history can be explained away by science, perhaps that doesn’t mean that all of it can.

Happy Halloween, friends. Be careful out there :)

Raaaaaaaw Spooooooooon (pretend that was said in a spooky voice, echoing through a creaky old abandoned house), 10-31-15


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