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Guest Post: Two Wills

From the blog of my good friend: One Earthen Vessel at

"I’ve seen many preachers break up the Lord’s Prayer into 8-10 part sermons and I used to think it was little more than time filler.  After doing the same thing as a self-study however, I discovered all sorts of new ways to view this passage.

There’s this amazing phrase in the Lord’s prayer that’s only four words yet carries huge implications, “your will be done.”  Lately I’ve been dividing this phrase into two parts, part one, may your will happen on earth, in a global sense; the second, may “I” go out and actively work your will.  The first part implies things that might happen to me, the second things that I need to go do.  The first part means welcoming hard or difficult times if they come to me, the second part means going and putting myself in difficult or hard situations if it helps the kingdom.

There’s this idea in Christianity that the difficult times should be welcomed because ultimately, our opinion doesn’t matter, only God’s opinion matters.  I think there’s a more perfect way to express that idea.  Namely, It’s not that “our opinion is not important” but instead “our opinion becomes in line with God’s opinion.”  God has always wanted his children to have a say in their work.  Even the rare times in scripture he assigns a specific task to a specific person God still allows those people to decide how they go about their work.

His goal was never to stifle our opinions and wants and desires, however as we grow closer to him we will see those desires begin to line up with his.

This is why today most people don’t receive specific instructions from God.  The truth of the matter is there is kingdom work to be done everywhere."

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