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Harder on Those not Deceased

For all of us who think that God must not be just if he lets mass numbers of people be wiped out quickly by floods, diseases, or even his own dictated punishment, it dawned on me today that it is much harder on us who are left than it is on those who are deceased.

So do we really deserve to rebel against God for what he has done to them? Or perhaps should we take it as a reminder to live our own lives better, foster a healthy community and healthy earth, and stop sinning and doing those things that naturally bring death upon us?

(See Isaiah 6 for the brutal dictate God gives that led me to this idea. Jesus cites this passage in the new testament too! I’m still working through the “may they be never seeing” part.)

(I know there are other reasons to be mad at God but I just wanted to take this one out of the equation.)

Raw Spoon, 12-4-18

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