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How to Test Our Motives

We work really hard to make good, godly things happen.

I was watching someone who seemed to be working really hard and doing everything right, but a couple things made me question his motives.

So after thinking about it, I thought up a test to see if

1) we are doing it because we really have faith, and

2) we are doing it because we are truly being obedient.

After all, faith and obedience are what he is asking of us.

I realized that we are doing it out of faith if we pray for our mission with the same vigor with which we work for it. Do we trust ourselves or God to make it happen?

And we are being obedient if we take a day to rest from our work. He has not commanded us to determine the outcome, he has instructed us to work diligently for six days, and to rest on the seventh. Do we believe we can accomplish in six days more than God can accomplish in seven?

This is the test I developed, and this is the test that I fail.

Raw Spoon

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