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Is Smoking Pot OK?

It crossed my mind that drinking coffee is not much different than smoking weed. At least in the way that we are adding a chemical to our body for the desired effect it has on it. And now it isn’t even against the law in some cities.

So I ask myself, “so why is smoking weed wrong according to many christians.”

And I came to this conclusion, that all is permissible, like Paul writes. And it is because it is not the things we do that are most important to God, it is the heart with which we do them.

Do we do things because we desire the effect they have on God, or the effect they have on us?

Like-wise We can do millions of good deeds, but if we do them so we feel better about ourselves, and not to obey God, it’s all for naught! It’s all about the why.

Raw Spoon

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