Prayer is Running from Bad Guys

I had been so busy over the past few weeks that I hadn’t gone on any runs. Then yesterday I tried it again and I sucked. I can usually run for 10 minutes before I start to breath hard. But this time I was puffing right away. It also happened to be the morning I woke up from a dream of running away from bad guys in a bling-rimmed orange Camaro. (I wonder if that’s subconsciously why I went running?). But I guess I realized that if I haven’t been running every day, when orange Camaros come after me, I’ll more likely get shot. It is the tragic event that reveals where the conditioning of my heart is really at.

And I’ve been thinking about tragedy and how some people leave God because of it. How an event happens and they leave God because suddenly God is too mean. Like we lose a loved one or a job or something and we think, I just don’t have it in me to serve a God like that.

But I think the tragedy just reveals the condition of our heart. Where did our devotion lie before the event happened. Is God our first and foremost priority, or is our wife or job or merits.

And if orange camaros are needed to reveal where my heart is, maybe the orange camaro tragedy is actually helping me know where my heart lies before I’m really dead and learn the really hard way.

Raw Spoon, 10-3-17


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