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A lot of my friends are doing really cool things, so I thought I’d do what I can to get the word out! Click on anything that you find interesting. Connect with them and help where you can!

I went on a trip to Haiti with Tim White and he is one stellar dude, partly because he founded Fair Havens. They craft fun and loving adventures for families dealing with a life-threatening illness. If you have a cool time-share to donate, or know a family who deserves this experience, find him here. 📷

Allison Barron is a fellow writer at Boundless and helped start Geekdom House. The purpose is to encourage discussion about life, faith, social justice, morality, and philosophy when talking about geeky


Beyond Rubies is the blog by Michelle Tiffany Candice Plett who also writes for Boundless. Beyond Rubies seeks to find the wisdom of Godin all seasons of life. 📷

OhMyMichelle is run by Michelle Tiffany Candice Plett where she provides assistance with copy, PR strategy, and brand communications. 📷

Remember when I was going to have a tiny house? Well Nick Boone actually builds them!  And he happens to be my brother. His market is more for industrial, self-sustaining, off the grid living. They also repurpose them for retail or trade show uses as well! 📷

I met Heather Ingle through Passion City church. Her story is one of the most beautiful stories of redemption I have heard. Check it out on this site that gives hope and meaning to women who have been through some really hard things. The 61 Exchange 📷

Ann Colwell is a super talented writer and photographer working at CNN. She has opened a new side of her personal business to help revive dating profile pics with modern, edgy, and sophisticated photos. 📷

I met Caitlin Ahern at a Plywood conference where she had just presented her business model. Thread Caravan hosts art workshops around the world in an effort to preserve cultural traditions, empower marginalized artisan communities, and better connect travelers to the people and lace they are visiting. 📷

Christopher Michael Crane is a stellar writer for Boundless. He hosts a personal blog reflecting on culture, theology, and life. Find it at 📷

I met Kelli Fitzgerald when she was volunteering to help tutor 3rd graders in an after school program. She runs a non-profit that helps children who have a parent in jail. 📷

Benjamin Morrison and his band “Surface of the Deep” is one of my favorite singer songwriters. I love his first album, “Monsters from the Id”. He just released a worship album! This dude has a phenomenal voice and can harmonize like an organ.  Checkout his new album:


Curtis Hearn is a friend from church and he runs a blog on growing wealth the smart way. Lots of great articles on being smart with money (and more content to come).


I know Dena Bales Kitchens from Seminary. She writes a blog on children’s and inter-generational ministry. Stellar lady doing great stuff in this world. 📷

Kristin Cronin Boone is my sister in law, and she writes a blog around the theme of making small changes to have big effects! “Make is small to have it all!” We just have to do a thing slightly more than half of the time to be moving in the right direction. Great stuff, Kristin. 📷

Anne Corbitt is in my writing group and she recently won an award with her new book and got picked up by a publisher! The book is about a supposed rape at a high school. Checkout her book at her site. I’m gonna put a visual from her cover (because I helped design it). 📷

Emily Hanna Brereton is a friend from a church many years ago in Colorado. Now she’s making beautiful jewelry with a really cute name. 📷

Hillary Rankin is making her mark on the Tulsa culinary scene (Tulsa’s area code is 918). She just got featured in a Tulsa magazine. AND she’s my step sister (what we call “bonus” sister in my family). She has a blog where she has tons of new recipe ideas! 📷

I met Tiffany Krystal at a 4th of July party and we quickly found we had a lot in common. She is a creative through and through. She writes poetryand has tons of other awesome projects working towards social good. She started and her other writing can be found at (and I helped with the logo :) )


I met Ashley Nicole Jones through her husband Kyle, with whom I also went to Haiti (it was a great trip of just 4 guys building stuff for a week.) Anyway, Ashley runs a non-profit thatphotographs people facing a terminal diagnosis, to capture and preserve their memory. She also presented her business at the Plywood conference this year. Checkout her stuff at


Cherita Lanee Rice and Michael Rice started The Mad Priest Coffee Roasters, based out of Chattanooga and their goals are to craft excellent coffee, partner with refugees, and educate people about coffee! If you like coffee, might as well get coffee from these do-gooder cats.


Kari Ruff is an awesome woman, a friend of mine, is super creative, and she also has a brother with Schizophrenia. She writes a beautiful, reflective blog about her struggles and victories related to dealing with this. Her blog is called She also has a stellar Instagram feed of creative photos.


My friend Matt Armstrong does amazing art. A while ago he did dozens of paintings around the theme of protection and light, symbolized by an umbrella. His most recent paintings are highly intricate portrayals of the night sky, beautiful, intricate, star-by-star paintings. If you’re looking for something breathtaking to hang on your wall, try this:


Raw Spoon

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These BLOGS are usually inspired by messages I (or friends) feel we have heard from God. This is the nature of our God. Listen for how he may be speaking to you.

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