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STORY: Psychological + Spiritual Growth Needed

Nick was on the side of the mountain road, fuming by his broken down Jeep. He left the top at home and now a rain storm was rolling over the city toward him. He didn't have time to be broken down. He didn't have time to repair relationships. He had two finals tomorrow.

He had blown up at not only his roommate, but also his girlfriend, and his mother, all since Sunday. "Whoa, Hunny, your brother never treated me like that, even while he was acing his finals." His mother's words rang in his head. "I think you need to do like Jesus did and go up a mountain somewhere and pray it away."

"God," he pictured Jesus in the seat next to him. "I can't even seem to do that!" He gestured up the mountain road in frustration. "Why am I getting so angry!?" He racked his brain again; and why was his Jeep overheating?

Suddenly, moments before the rain got there, a thought hit him, "Look under the hood."

"Again?" He started to shake it off, but then squinted in thought. He jumped out, popped the hood, and searched inside. He had almost given up when he found a pile of twine, sticks and even dog food jammed against the radiator. A mouse must have made his nest there and it was keeping air from passing through it. "There it is," he whispered. "Too bad this wasn't the answer to the question I was asking you."

Just then, the rain hit him and hit him hard. He closed his eyes and let the rain wash and cool off his tired body. He opened his eyes peacefully, and squinted again in thought. "Maybe prayer isn't meant to solve everything. After my finals, I'm gonna stop by the counseling office."

Raw Spoon, 6/11/21

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These BLOGS are usually inspired by messages I (or friends) feel we have heard from God. This is the nature of our God. Listen for how he may be speaking to you.

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