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The purpose of 'worthless' people

Sometimes I find myself evaluating people on their ability to give back to society. Or their social standing. Or their level of skill or amount of good they do for the world.

And if we are playing that game, a lot of people are losing. They're worth is in the negative. What value is a paraplegic, or a drug addict that has no intent on changing? People that just take up the time of other people who would otherwise be contributing to society.

I know we believe they have infinite worth just for having the image of God in them. And I know everybody has at least a very small chance at being healed or changing their lives around. But what about those people who never do?

I started wondering, what if the thing that really matters is the amount of love that is demonstrated in this world. And every person who is can’t give back is an opportunity to produce love.

Would that change how we treat those people who just don't have the capacity to give back?

Raw Spoon, 3-27-19

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