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The Worst Talents

I saw a deformed teenager hobbling out of Taco Bell today.  He was shorter than my waist.  He held the door open for me and then sincerely said “thank you, sir,” as if I had helped him.  The thought of that humble boy has been melting my heart here at my desk all afternoon.

My dear schizophrenic friend, Bonnie called me again this weekend.  I just listened for an hour as she relentlessly poured out her troubles.  She tries my patience.

Talented and gifted people of the world are the ones that can help bring me riches, comfort and a good time. But maybe the best talents are the ones some people have to trigger our compassion, to strengthen our patience, and bring out things that make us better than we would be without them. The ones that make us want to be better people as we sit at our desks all afternoon.

Raw Spoon

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