They Pay for Forgiveness

A friend told me today that he thinks Christianity is a sham because his father was a Christian. You see, my friend’s dad left the family and took their money, but then said it was ok, because God forgives him.

It was then that I realized who pays the price for what he was forgiven.

His family. Rejecting their heavenly father, maybe forever, because their earth dad was so flippant with his forgiveness.

I wonder if he’d still take his forgiveness so lightly if he knew that.

And then I am suddenly scared of who is quietly paying a price for my lust-driven eyes, my slightly biting comments, and my subtle disregard for unimportant people around me. Those things that I think are minuscule because they will be forgiven.

Probably everyone around me believes a little less when they see that.

I’m really sorry to those of you who have paid the price for a Christian who said they were forgiven. Can you please tell us so that we might change?

Raw Spoon, July 24, 2013


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