Which Thing do You Hold Sacred

Is there anything in our lives that we hold sacred? Do we have a place for anything that is held with higher respect than other things?

I think in a world where most actions and decisions are valued for their utility or what pleasure they can bring us, we could benefit from holding a thing or two with a higher spiritual significance. Something worth holding to a higher standard because we want something to stand out as more prized and special. Something we pick also because it touches something deeper than other things.

Maybe sex can be that thing. Maybe instead of holding similar standards for utility, and cultural expectations on the way that our physical bodies connect most intimately and mysteriously to our souls, it is a worthwhile effort to hold sex as holy.

Maybe it can be something that we choose to carry until we find the person we promise our lives to. Something we can choose because it seems to have been prized in cultures past, and mysteriously prized by gods (including the Christian God), and because we want something sacred in our lives. And if it is sex it is something we share with someone else as well when it is time for the holy ritual.

Raw Spoon, 5-16-17


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