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  • STORY: Proud to be Cancelled

    She had tried to be a good, quiet Christian girl for a time, but that just wasn't her. And from what she found, she thought there were certain things that the Christians she saw could do better her to at least stop posting her poems about it on Twitter, which had hit 10K followers (mostly other Christians "God, at least now you know that my loyalty lies with you." --- To be a Christian is rebellious to this Are you doing anything that Christians and non-Christians "discourage" or that makes them uncomfortable

  • Shooting Grows Love from Bullet Holes

    In the first few centuries when plagues broke out and people were fleeing cities, Christians headed into When ancient Rome threw their unwanted babies out to die, the Christians rescued them.

  • STORY: Choose Joy

    He thought of himself as a good Christian, but it didn't seem to be leading him to a happy life.

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  • Christian Art and Story |

    She had tried to be a good, quiet Christian girl... 4 Jul 9 1 min Shooting Grows Love from Bullet Holes

  • Last Supper art | RawSpoon (july 2020)

    The one in the front with a skateboard doesn’t fit the traditional role of a safe suburban Christian. traditionally suggest he is rebellious, the imagery in his tattoos and on his skateboard reflect his true Christian He reaches his culture with Christ’s love in their context, despite how other Christians may stereotype Sometimes the irresponsible thing (giving our employer’s product away for free) in an act of love is Immigrants are another subset of society who are often under-appreciated by mainstream American Christianity

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