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  • Breathe Acts: Groceries

    Please be inspired by these modern day “Acts” and lets go out and live our faith today!

  • Awkward Acts of Kindness

    I just want to say, my friends, that even little acts of awkward kindness have potential to change the

  • Breathe Acts: Starbucks

    Please be inspired by these modern day “Acts” and lets go out and live our faith today!

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  • | Art and stories for Christians

    Words+Images Home Art + Stories + Apps Creature Habits app Multimedia devotional app that aims to make spiritual disciplines the world's favorite distraction. Available on iPhone, Android, iPad, and even on web pages. Art: Hand Drawn Art that illustrates insights into the human experience, often framing God heart, in the same art. Web Apps: Emily and Snoop Bible Rap Battle Snoop Dogg vs. Emily Dickinson vs. the ESV rap battle Bible passages. A.I. Sketchnotes Upload a talk and automatically generate sketchnotes Prioritize your tasks A To-Do list that that orders your tasks by priority Summarize small print Paste in the small print and get it summarized for you. Record your memories Upload a photo from the day, write your memories, and how God worked through it Blogs and Stories Ideas that capture mind and soul, often accompanied by art and animation. Art that illustrates insights into the human experience, often framing God heart, in the same art. Books: Novels, kids books, devos, more... Spiritual Insight to engage heart and mind in fiction and non. Animated Devos Intertwining music, visuals, and words to engage the heart to hear from God. Lent Art : Stations of the Cross art and box Check it out 14 mandalas illustrating the stations of the cross, and accompanying animations, and devotional lent box Sketchnotes: Check it out Visual record of spoken sermons Artificial Intelligence art: Check it out Art developed by Artificial Intelligence to accompany scriptures Commissions Murals Podcast

  • Christian Art and Story |

    Play Video Facebook Twitter Pinterest Tumblr Copy Link Link Copied Featured Product Daily Bible + Art App: Do your daily Bible reading accompanied by art and story to increase emotional engagement with the text. Discover Raw Spoon art and story Jun 20 3 min *STORY: God in the Air Conditioning Shawn was only 29 but was one of the leading HVAC engineers in the state. They had built an innovative lab to mock up whole rooms at his... 3 Jun 7 4 min *STORY: Autistic Boy's Mumbling Hannah had always seen herself like the Hannah in the Bible, and then like Elizabeth, as both of them were barren until late in life.... 1 May 22 4 min *STORY: Weird Voice as an Instrument of Praise Amber had a job where she never had to talk. She had always kept silent in school. She didn’t really have friends, accept the type you... 2 Apr 19 5 min *Story: Slow Creep Naresh walked slowly toward his store, pondering what to do. If he came clean to his wife, would she leave him for it, and take the kids?... 7 Apr 3 6 min *STORY: Visit Him in The Game One day Jack came home from an assignment in the army and was talking to his mom. She broke down and said, "I just don't know about your... 17 Apr 2 4 min *STORY: Willing to lose his love to save him The greatest treasure in Mary's life was her son, Philip. After her husband died, Mary pretty much put all of her effort and investment... 14 Mar 3 5 min *STORY: Real is a Better Perfect No one in the states was good enough for Jenny Robertson. She was 35, and had everything in her life pretty much together, except someone... 11 Feb 8 10 min *STORY: Best Dog Trainer in the World John Centry could see potential in dogs. He had raised 6 world champions in his life time. You know, the dogs that zig zag through... 14 Feb 4 1 min *POEM: Trumped by R. Boone There is a jackhammer at our nation's foundation The dust of morals being trampled under foot By workers who scramble from fear of... 19 1 2 3 4 5 Please reach out with any questions at Honest art of struggle and hope. Illustrated Books as a deeper and lighter dive into complex life. Animated devotionals of art and story. I partner with churches for workshops and art-making. Here's my recipe for finding and pursuing your mission . 650+ blogs of answers I've found for this journey. Here's about me . And click here if you'd like to commission me.

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