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  • Why God doesn’t speak during loss

    And I think maybe this is why for most of the time in it, it seems like God doesn't really say anything. And I think that’s maybe why God seems kind of silent during my grief.

  • STORY: Ghosts Mean God is Real

    On the last written page she read,"God, if you won't show yourself to me, you are either not real, or you do not love me." But she realized God had been even closer, this whole time. Her logic deducted with undeniable clarity that if this ghost was real, the spiritual world was real as well. And this meant that not only was God real, but that he cared enough to bring her to this moment to answer her prayer. Blurry eyed, she looked at the key hole and remembered how the fragile old woman had left her the key on the counter with a note that said, "Victoria, God holds the key to your heart."

  • Is God a He or a She

    God has qualities of both men and women. In the Bible, God created one man named Adam and then took a chunk out of him and made it into a woman. For God’s ultimate earthly creation, would he not want it to encompass both what we now call the masculine and feminine of God’s qualities? So now, We try to describe God using our limited rules of language, and we default to label God as a Him. For king David cried and danced before his people and was a man after God’s own heart.

  • The God Not in My Head

    If only I could pray, not to the idea of God in my head, but instead to the real God that made it.

  • As Real as Rocks

    I think I assume the same things of girls as I do of God. (Daniel 10:13) It looks like our omnipotent God has to work around real wills of a certain shape and sharpness that oppose him, because he gave us that freedom. I think God is selecting a very real girl of a certain height and history for me. In the same way I need to let God break the mold in which I’ve captured him. And He’s way older, and more real than even the words Love, Justice, Omnicsience and Mercy.

  • As Real as Your Face

    We say that God is omniscient, God is love, God is all powerful.  We label him with ideal concepts like these but God is also very real and now.  He is real and now like the mole on my face or the certain scratch on the face of your watch. 📷 C.S Lewis says that the strangeness of our religion was one of the main arguments for it.  He says that Christianity has that queer quality about it that things have when they are actually real.  We may be able to say God is love, but we cannot say he will heal my dying aunt.

  • God Learns

    It was that God learns. It sure seems like God learns. God descended “with” us. And he did it for the purpose of living in real relationship with us. So, I don’t deny that our God knows all things, including the future long before it happens, but maybe he sets that aspect of his character aside so he can be in a real relationship with his children.

  • Megachurch for Real

    This means he feels deeply and connects with God most deeply through what happens to him in prayer. He has what seems to be a very calibrated sensor for where and when God is moving. Well, he found God at one of the last places I expected him to. He has felt and found God moving in big ways in that place! I met passionate people all over that place who have deeply met and been transformed and saved by God

  • Unobvious God

    I think God originally was the obvious choice. That would have gotten us to God, but then we decided to do things our own way and got ourselves lost and so God pulled together plan B to get us there, which isn’t so obvious. What easier way would there be to get to God!? But then we decided we wanted to take our eyes off of God and climb down off the highway. We need to know the guide sent from God.

  • God is Bigger

    but on my best days I believe he was God  |  (303) 359-4232

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