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  • STORY: Proud to be Cancelled

    About good works, hell, loving the poor, purity, living in community... and her church "discouraged" But now she was apparently too rebellious for church as well. Later she tossed her Bible on the bed and Ezekiel 3 fell open. She read, "Go to your people, the exiles; speak to them and tell them, ‘This is what the Lord GOD says She fell onto the bed too.

  • Prodigal Son the parable for Heaven and Hell?.

    may think of the parable of the sheep and goats as the parable that most closely describes heaven and hell He says this to folks who either helped the poor (the sheep) or didn't help the poor (goats), because if they helped (or didn't help) the poor, they were actually helping (or not helping) God. Maybe the parable of the Prodigal Son is a much more compelling picture of heaven and hell for us right What if eating with the pigs is pretty close to what hell looks like.

  • No tension, no sanctification

    Lewis also wrote a book called The Great Divorce about heaven and hell. And his depiction of hell was a city in which anybody could get whatever they so desired.

  • Heavy Responsibility

    I wonder if there will be people in hell who blame their Christian teachers for not really challenging

  • The Source of Sin is Scarcity

    And this would describe why hell would be what it is, and why it would be so bad– because there would So, before we get to heaven or hell, what could be our present day application?

  • Wanting Our Harm

    And even if they do know they will get banished to hell forever, it dawned on me, they just might be they are fighting to take away my salvation, and perhaps even are looking to make me their slave in hell

  • Bad Milk Gone Bad

    , maybe if I look at the horrible things out there for which I see no opposite good, maybe they can tell What about hell?

  • Good Enough to Go to Heaven

    below ourselves, because we think “I’m a pretty good guy and God is love so he wouldn’t send me to hell own, but if you try to obey me, you can come with me for now and I’ll overlook your crap- and I’ll help

  • Breathe Acts: Miraculous Healing

    This friend regularly tells me stories about people that are healed when he prays for them!  to a large family with kids and they seemed more accepting but again, had no pain they needed to be healed Trevor persisted- he wanted to see a healing, “Are you sure you don’t have a wrist or a hand maybe that needs healing?” he hadn’t had a drink for ten years, but tonight he said he had been thinking what the hell, why not

  • Why Pagans Love Mother Earth

    philosophy promotes benevolence to each other and good will to mother earth, and at the same time calls on help confined to earth (which Christians assume are fallen angels) makes a society that looks a lot like hell