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  • Prodigal Son the parable for Heaven and Hell?.

    We may think of the parable of the sheep and goats as the parable that most closely describes heaven and hell. Maybe the parable of the Prodigal Son is a much more compelling picture of heaven and hell for us right now. What if eating with the pigs is pretty close to what hell looks like.

  • No tension, no sanctification

    Lewis also wrote a book called The Great Divorce about heaven and hell. And his depiction of hell was a city in which anybody could get whatever they so desired.

  • Why Pagans Love Mother Earth

    And that eat-or-be-eaten type of mentality, shared by both the remaining humans and the pagan gods confined to earth (which Christians assume are fallen angels) makes a society that looks a lot like hell.

  • Heavy Responsibility

    I wonder if there will be people in hell who blame their Christian teachers for not really challenging them with the hard truth.

  • The Source of Sin is Scarcity

    And this would describe why hell would be what it is, and why it would be so bad– because there would be lots of scarcity (because God, the creator of all things wouldn’t be around) and lots of people going to desperate measures to resolve that scarcity… until it all eventually runs out. So, before we get to heaven or hell, what could be our present day application?

  • 5 Secular Songs with Christian Message

    My favorite type of worship song is usually those secular songs which I already love, but which become Christian when I picture God speaking the lyrics to me. Sometimes certain lines don't perfectly match up, but I just overlook those. I have a few of these songs in my playlists and I'll list them below. But I'd love to hear which secular songs you listen to that seem to have a Christian message. Adele: Hello I know not all of the lyrics make sense of God speaking to me, but the heart of the singer captures a sentiment that melts me when I picture God saying them to me. Hello, it's me I was wondering if after all these years you'd like to meet To go over everything... There's such a difference between us And a million miles Hello from the other side I must've called a thousand times To tell you I'm sorry For everything that I've done But when I call you never Seem to be home This one seems super applicable when I haven't tried very hard to get close to God recently. I picture him sort of saying, with the aching longing which Adele exhibits so well, I'm sorry things have had to be so hard lately, but I just want you to come back to me. John Mayer: Say I think this one's great for prayer because it's like God saying, tell me what you've been wanting to tell me. Just say it, brother. Here's one verse and chorus, but pretty much every verse gets me. Take all of your wasted honor Every little past frustration Take all of your so-called problems Better put 'em in quotations Say what you need to say Say what you need to say Tracy Chapman: The Promise This one is heartbreaking. And it feels like God's heart to come back to me even at the slightest movement of me toward God. Here are a few of the lyrics. If you wait for me Then I'll come for you Although I've traveled far I always hold a place for you in my heart If you think of me If you miss me once in a while Then I'll return to you I'll return and fill that space in your heart There are also some other classics like the following: U2: Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For U2 is known for their secular songs that have Christian undertones. This one isn't even that hidden. I like how it is honest about still waiting on God to fulfill his longings. You broke the bonds and you loosened chains carried the cross of my shame, of my shame You know I believe it But I still haven't found What I'm looking for Creed: My Sacrifice Here's an old classic. It seems a little corny now, but it's not bad. Hello my friend we meet again It's been a while, where should we begin Feels like forever Within my heart are memories Of perfect love that you gave to me Oh, I remember When you are with me, I'm free I'm careless, I believe Above all the others we'll fly This brings tears to my eyes My sacrifice Do you have your own favorites? Leave them in comments below and I can include them in the post! Raw Spoon, 8-27-2020

  • Wanting Our Harm

    And even if they do know they will get banished to hell forever, it dawned on me, they just might be keen to make slaves out of weaker, lesser beings. So, after I pictured that, and realized that they really want nothing good for me, in fact they are fighting to take away my salvation, and perhaps even are looking to make me their slave in hell, it scared the crap out of me and I don’t mind saying I want them to be destroyed and punished.

  • Good Enough to Go to Heaven

    Don’t we draw the line just below ourselves, because we think “I’m a pretty good guy and God is love so he wouldn’t send me to hell, right?”

  • Bad Milk Gone Bad

    What about hell?

  • Step up and Wrestle

    I don’t know where I stand on Universalism, Sexuality, Hell, and all those hard issues of this culture.  |  (303) 359-4232

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