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  • STORY: Power of Changing the Narrative.

    She had to push Ken around school and feed him at lunch and even help him go to the bathroom. what clothes she would use to remake someone if she had a chance, but she didn't have any friends to help As she reached over and put it on her lap it fell open and her eyes landed on 1 John 2:9 “Whoever loves If helping her brother was God's lime light because he was the only one who saw it, she could learn to She looked toward the girl again, longing to help but they weren’t even friends.

  • STORY: What Really Is Holiness?

    I want to start a series of stories to help give modern understanding to ancient, churchy words. And the king's conviction was that in order to lead this kingdom well with the most wisdom, justice, Did they know and remember all of their stories that well? I got the feeling they did. I fell into depression and then addiction led to me losing my job. It seemed to me he held a secret smile.

  • *STORY: Just Give Me The Ability To Battle It

    He had always wanted to be in a career where he could help people, even if he didn’t yet know in what We can help. Stop by the counseling center for some help.” had never started having panic attacks in high school, I never would have become a school counselor, helping But I am okay if God wants to just give me enough tools to do battle, and maybe use them to help others

  • STORY: The Beast inside Us

    There I would build a small town and help all those people. She fell and whipped her head back over her pack. Was there something in me that had something in mind other than helping people? My love, I need your help. "There is a beast in me that I have been battling." Maybe do you need to tell your loved one that you are battling something inside you and together you

  • STORY: Aro City (rOCD)

    But he knew that if they got it wrong it could be hell. Was she taking them to a hellish city? ”Why did you slow down,” she asked tenderly. “ ”But that’s down-hill. "Hello! Sir!" The figure stopped and walked up to them, an older man. And he held onto it like a rope.

  • STORY: No Reception (Spirit and Truth)

    He didn't, however, need a rule to tell him the heart behind the text he was sending was way wrong. Two men unrolled a scroll and held it against a wall to his left, pointing to words on it. He remembered how Jesus said that he would send a spirit to help guide them. It had never dawned on him what life would be like before, well, a "conscience."

  • STORY: He Makes Me Look Up

    "You are now ready to heal others." find wholeness and healthiness, but it was then to bring the same to others. --- Is God asking you to help others out of the healing you've had?

  • STORY: Mr. Lord, the CEO

    I was held in protective custody in a small cell with a sink and a toilet and a bed, but even the guards to my cell wanted to get it from me.  It was hell. Then a new bit of news broke.  There was a man who claimed that he was Mr. I looked down the hall and listened to the voices.  I only usually help the people that will help me back. 

  • STORY: An Amish boy's Hands-Free

    But now the community had to sell the land and they were all moving to new places. "To help with this, my son, I have bought you something which I never would have thought we would need He held a box out to Judah.

  • STORY: Doing a Good Work

    "Help us. Our hope is almost gone." She had tried so hard to raise her son well. She tried to instill in him the passion to help people, even in a town where everyone only helped themselves But she also knew full well there was no hope for him to really ever be much more than a super market And though it did not end well, the whole book of horrible characters doing horrible things hinged on