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  • STORY: One Non-Senile Moment

    And she wasn't doing well physically lately either. The help was having to bathe her and help her go to the bathroom. These days nothing stopped her from yelling stuff at him from the bedroom. Thank you for loving our children so well. I always admired your way with them. He sat with her a while longer and then laid next to her on the bed until she fell asleep.

  • STORY: How Can You Fear A God of Love?

    Glenn yelled at her kids when she glimpsed the special orange apples they were smuggling through the great hall. The two kids plopped down on the plush bench outside of the great carved doorway to the dining hall and "When our great grandparents moved to this valley there was nothing but forests on those hills. plan was so great for us, and on a scale of time and space so much larger than ours, we needed some help

  • STORY: The Marines and Mentorship

    So when 6 of the young men around me threw down their gear and yelled at the sergent that they were done He swallowed it away and as he turned to look up the hill he gave the slightest of nods. But when they grumble to Moses for help, God points them to a piece of wood and tells Moses to put it from the water, it has so many nutritious properties that it has utilized in starving communities to help

  • STORY: His Goal Is Not To Stop Sinning

    Julio held his head in his hands, elbows on the little formica dining table as he spoke to his wife. Would that help?"

  • Held to a Higher Level

    about God. . . that he’s lonely and mean and he wants to get everybody to commit before he starts to tell

  • Helpful, Practical Factors

    Though our minds are tightly tied to our spirits, I think some emotional healing is best done with a through with someone and hearing their insights is like the physical therapy that is just as necessary to heal

  • Excuses not to Help People

    I find excuses not to help people. I don’t help the poor when they ask because I don’t trust them, or I think it will just be enabling them Help me to surrender my bricks and mortar to the power of your ancient wind.

  • Heaven Ever Healing

    But much more like what earth would look like if we were all secure, ever healing, and had a perfect

  • Hypnotism and Faith Healing

    You know, stuff I need just a little more help with. So far I'm not sure it's working super well. Help my unbelief!" HELP ME WITH MY UNBELIEF. PLEASE!" There's some relationship between between believing you can be healed and being healed. But Lord, I think I need help being suggestible. I want to believe. Help my unbelief.

  • Guest Post: help with Suicidal Thoughts

    Hello my name is Dave Saunders. I have lived with suicidal ideation for 25 years. I want to share some of what has worked for me in hopes that it will help you. Trust others’ judgment and even your own judgment when you are feeling well. I hope this has helped you. And your struggle has in fact helped me with my struggles.