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  • STORY: Target Practice on Bad Thoughts

    varied array of strange creatures crept toward the screen from all corners of the field, most very well Didn't you think you'd need to help your son some day?! Oh God, help. That thought just stole my joy. And my dad doesn't deserve this.

  • Childhood Memory Healing Method

    Before I tell you about this method, I'll tell you about the three books/ideologies which convinced me I dug my heels in. That helps keep me on track, as if someone's listening. And I didn't remember being held very much. And it worked well; they were both awesome at their roles.

  • STORY: Righteousness Does More than Make You Sin Less

    You're mentoring people to help them escape what you were caught in. God has done a lot more than just help get porn out of your life. lives, whatever form it comes in, not only makes us sin less, it makes us more beautiful and strong as well

  • STORY: Relationships, like Gardens, Need Tending

    Larry scrambled to catch it before it fell but he let go of the tray and the soup slid to the edge and

  • *STORY: A hole not healed by stitches

    It was because there was a void she was desperately trying to heal. Then her mother fell to drugs to cope with the ensuing weight of it all.

  • Ex-Homeless Helps the Homeless.

    He plugged his ears through the night to quiet the voices that were still telling him to kill himself He is helping people who are in the situation he went through. He realizes he has been given so much, so he has decided to give himself to help others. Here is how to see what he is doing and how to help out.

  • STORY: Porn like Fruit Flies

    There was a well-worn path between her computer desk, her dresser, and her bed, but the rest of her room Help me, God. She breathed deeply and pulled herself from the chair.

  • When Should I Stop Helping

    But when it comes to helping people, the needy people Jesus calls us to help are probably needy partly I’d say don’t help someone if your well has run dry. That was helping too much. Help if it bends you, but not it it breaks the help right out of you. And don’t help if it hurts you more than it helps them.

  • Why Won't God Help Me?

    Sometimes after working really hard for something and seeing no help from above, we ask, “Why won’t God help me?”

  • STORY: You serve the poor but you don't serve your wife?

    I want to be helping people in need with my free time." object of beauty and love God has put into your life. --- Who in your life have you neglected to serve well