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  • Why Suffering? (part 1)

    What makes this suffering even more unfair is that it was her own sacrificial love that ruined her. So why all this suffering for a person that just doesn’t deserve the pain? What if suffering fades like grasses in the fields but acts of love are eternal, like diamonds.  Suffering is temporary, it can only last as long as a lifetime.  So, why suffering?

  • Why Suffering? (part 2)

    Would we consider suffering a good gift instead of a reason to rebel against our trainer? If you think about it, why would God put us on a hard earth for a short time if we were meant to end up in a perfect heaven anyway? For me this training process has involved learning things like choosing to believe (how could we gain faith if their is no doubt in heaven), sitting in grief (no grief in heaven), and sacrificial love (why would we need to sacrifice in a place where there was abundance of everything we need?).

  • Theology of Suffering

    I think the problem we have with brutal suffering allowed by a good God starts with a wrong assumption. How epic could the story be if there was no deep suffering to be redeemed? And all suffering is a nearing to that freedom. Is this not God’s argument to the man who knew the most suffering? God says to Job, “Who are you to say I am wrong to let you endure suffering?

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  • Clairmont Presbyterian | author/illustrator Raw Spoon

    Like in many of these mandalas the trinity sign is in the middle signifying that despite all the suffering and betrayal, the god-head is still central and present to everything in this world. We can see the suffering on his swollen, blood-stained face, under the weight of the cross in the middle of the mandala. But in the middle we see Jesus, also suffering in excruciating pain, present and reaching out to them all.

  • secret burden poem | RawSpoon (july 2020)

    Yet each day I’m planted in new soil ​ Why O Lord, When justice cuts to bone, You send me not to noose nor sword But invite me to your throne. ​

  • Last Supper art | RawSpoon (july 2020)

    Add to the meaning of this piece and explain why it is meaningful to you so that others may find their meaning in it deepened.

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