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  • Why Suffering? (part 2)

    Would we consider suffering a good gift instead of a reason to rebel against our trainer? If you think about it, why would God put us on a hard earth for a short time if we were meant to end faith if their is no doubt in heaven), sitting in grief (no grief in heaven), and sacrificial love (why

  • Why Suffering? (part 1)

    What makes this suffering even more unfair is that it was her own sacrificial love that ruined her. So why all this suffering for a person that just doesn’t deserve the pain? What if suffering fades like grasses in the fields but acts of love are eternal, like diamonds.  Suffering is temporary, it can only last as long as a lifetime.  So, why suffering? I don’t know.

  • STORY: The Marines and Mentorship

    Another one of my friends affirmed it, "Seriously, all they're trying to do is make us suffer. I did however notice the sharply dressed sergeant easily hiking beside us as we suffered. It wasn't the type of smile that liked seeing someone suffer. We had all suffered together. They expected us all to quit together. But this time he stopped and said, "Ruben, you know why we had to make you suffer in boot camp don't

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