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Absent Landlord

This book is a modern day allegory about living in a broken world. Illustrated.


    In this house of failure-ridden misfits, status means everything. When fast-talking newcomer, Lars tricks insecure Seth Christian Anders out of even the lowest room in the house, Seth resorts to suicide.
    After he fails at it, however, Seth wakes up and finds everything he used take for granted, now to be priceless gifts, including his house-mates and the rickety old house.
    He even decides to obey the long-ignored rules of the absent landlord, which say to care for the others in the house. Even though Lars continually crushes him and the others to climb his way to the top, Seth must persevere in his quiet resolve, not realizing that the fate of everyone in the house depends on it.


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Book Trailer

Here's the review by Paste Magazine.

(They rated it at 8.7 out of 10.)

"...a book with spiritually mature themes
. . . with purpose and surprises."


And an average of 4.5 stars out of 27 reviews on Amazon:

"Raw Spoon deftly couples the comedic foibles oftentimes associated with modern misfits with a message that transcends a world glutted with superficialities and delivers an engaging tale about how to rise from the smoldering ashes"

-Jason Michael Dew

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Book readings of chapters 1 and 2

Some Illustrations

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