Find Your Mission

How do I find my mission? I help people find their mission by a method I have used to find mine. I can help you find yours in four ways. Come to a workshop, book a one-on-one Mission-Mapping session, watch the online course, or buy my book "Millennial Monk." 

The Workshop

Here is the talk I give to inspire what I call "Millennial Monks" (anyone devoted to pursuing their mission instead of the American Dream). I can come in and do part or all of this 2 hour workshop. I can come early or stay late to do mission maps for individuals one-on-one (see next section for individual Mission Maps). 

Workshop pictures and testimonials

Ross did excellent job in simplifying a complex process. He was able to crystalize my mission. Engaging, heart felt, thought-provoking. -Ashley

Loved his style of speaking with authenticity and transparency while sharing his expertise -Susannah

Practical workshop. Guiding illustrations (Bunny story was helpful to help me understand things about our culture). The art compliments the very professional presentation. -Ryan

Great presentation with action items. -Kathryn

One-On-One Mission Map

For $200 I sit with someone for 1.5 hours and help them identify their Strengths, Passions, and Hard Journey and how to maximize them to identify their mission. If we get far enough we then identify next steps to pursue those goals.

"Working with Ross on this BLEW ME AWAY! Seriously. Throughout my personal walk, I’ve always had a hard time putting to words my story and how that transforms into my passions, abilities, and mission for my life. Ross intentionally, creatively, and in one-of-a-kind fashion digs into your life and beautifully brings out the very best of the potential within you. I had the honor of meeting him while working at Catalyst, a conference for leaders who love the church. I’ve met thousands of leaders and can say, without a doubt, that his expertise is SO needed for leaders to help them live out their God-given potential. So thankful for this and it is something I know years from now I will look back on as a pivotal moment of stepping into God’s calling for my life."
-Ana Munoz (Assistant to Tyler Regan of Catalyst Leader)

"The time you took to work with me on my writers voice map helped profoundly.  I am using it to update my storyline!"

-Jaimie  (at the "Finding your voice" workshop at the The Write Practice retreat)

Online Video Course

Below are the videos which cover the topics in the seminar. 

Please consider giving. I charge $30 for at least 4 hours of workshop time.