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Ross.Boone@RawSpoon.com  |  (303) 359-4232

"Ross's work helped resolve some of my biggest questions of faith."
-Paul W., Wichita, Kansas

Publicity and a bit about Raw Spoon and team

Ross Boone

(artist name: Raw Spoon).

I battled doubt even as I built up a thriving career on creative thinking, illustration and writing.

Now I use art (images and words) to share my creative answers with others who struggle too.

I am a missionary of sorts but I'm a big believer in creating enough value that it is worth paying for. Doctors for the body get paid for healing, and some of us heal the soul. So I hope you find something of value to purchase on this site, or one of the events. But you feel led to financially support me here are some options. 

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Other media:

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B.A. in Mechanical Engineering (Colorado School of Mines)

B.A in Industrial Design (Metro State College of Denver)

M.A. Theology (Columbia Theological Seminary)

Worked for:

Hayes Co, Wichita Ks, Product Design.

Southern Sales and Marketing: Atlanta, Ga. Product Design

Atleisure: Atlanta, Ga. Product Design.

Crux: Atlanta, Ga. Product Design.

Mand Products, L.L.C.: Atlanta, Ga (freelancer)     

                 Illustration, animation,

                 and product design.

Written for:

Boundless.org (Focus on the Family)

YMI.today (Our Daily Bread)


Betty Gomez

Betty is from Houston, Texas.

She oversees the women's ministry at Adventures in Missions. She facilitates women's ministry during church partnerships.


Jillian Hart

Jillian used to work at a popsicle factory! 

And now she's one of the operational gurus covering all the details Ross misses.

Matt Churik

Matt's Biomedical Engineering degree perfectly equips him to format and schedule Ross' blogs with the tenacity and exactitude of a pre-historic hunting eagle."Awwwwk!"