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Privacy Policy

Obligatory "Privacy Policy" page. Basically saying you can trust me with your info.

Privacy Policy

This site collects cookies to make your experience more seamless. (so if you visited and liked something, it will remember that when you come back to see your favorites!)

No information is shared with third parties, except to send my mailchimp mass emails that you subscribed for (which... thanks!). And I give no permission for others to use the email address you have entrusted me with.

Thank you for trusting me! Please reach out to me personally if you have any concerns. Also tell me if you'd like all your data removed and erased.

To sign up for newsletters, drop your email in the spot at top of page. And you'll get a free template to help you find and pursue your mission. Plus it will keep you updated on a lot of free (and paid) stuff I put out there to help you become who the creator has built you to be!

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