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  • Homosexuality and Responsibility.

    I don’t know where exactly I fall on the homosexuality and Christianity debate.

  • The Heart Behind Homosexuality.

    Certain denominations prohibit drinking, dancing and practicing homosexuality. Maybe by making an over-arching public policy on non-affirming toward homosexuality, the denominations

  • The Danger is Not Sodomy

    The spiritual forces pushing the prevalence of homosexuality have been much more damaging to God’s plan The spread of homosexuality through our culture is devastating because with it has come the common assumption that Christians “hate” homosexuals.

  • Cultural Warming

    But it seems to me that about 100 years ago homosexuality was about as taboo as pedophilia now is. But it seems that now homosexuality has become almost as commonplace and accepted as the pedophilia in I’m not saying that homosexuality is wrong (it’s such a difficult dilemma), but I am wondering where

  • Making Policies might Be a Bad Policy

    bodies look at the instructions in the Bible and debate whether or not “Abortion is always wrong” or “Homosexuality And if homosexuality is the issue in question for someone at a church that doesn’t affirm it, what if a man was sexually abused growing up and through it was introduced to homosexual promiscuity. Is “Homosexuality is always wrong” still the most right answer? but did it once it would be easy to give permission every time someone says, “I can’t seem to boot my homosexual

  • Convictions that Cost Us Nothing

    We outcry against some modern issues of the day, like abortion and homosexuality.

  • Thinking of Leaving the Church?

    Or affirm homosexual unions. Or shunned Trump.

  • The Poor in Personality

    And when I sat down he basically asked me if I was interested in doing some homosexual acts.

  • Aspartame and Gay Marriage

    US: Atlanta), but many Christians believe that the research Christians believe in (The Bible) says homosexuality

  • The Gay Solution: the "Single Unifier"

    deeper type of friendship to a community: A few weeks ago at church our pastors hosted a discussion on homosexuality

  • God Why Do You Push Us Away

    Can’t I just bend the rules on homosexuality or submission of wives.

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