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The Heart Behind Homosexuality.

Certain denominations prohibit drinking, dancing and practicing homosexuality. And I still don't know exactly where I stand on the issue. It's a continuing internal discussion for me. And as I have thoughts, you hear them here.

Maybe by making an over-arching public policy on non-affirming toward homosexuality, the denominations have ruled it out for its new converts before the person looking into Christianity had the chance to put their heart behind hearing what God says about it themselves.

I wonder if we should have grace for all people exactly where they’re at, until they get to know God’s heart, and see their own heart behind each thing they do.

And then, if they find desires that are impure or un-surrendered, let them offer them as a personal sacrifice from their heart, in their time, as a gift and a discipline to please and honor their personal God.

These are some untraditional ideas here. Your thoughts?

Raw Spoon

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