Convictions that Cost Us Nothing

We outcry against some modern issues of the day, like abortion and homosexuality. But there are plenty of other vices we quietly allow. Like divorce, pride, and worshipping other gods such as power or money.

I was talking with my friend Jeff and he pointed out maybe why we cry out against some, and not others.

We cry out against the things that cost us nothing to change.

How easy it is to condemn abortion clinics across the city, judge gay bars as we drive quickly past.

But when it comes to choosing to keep loving our own difficult spouse, admitting to blame to something in front of our boss, or giving our fortune to the poor, we quietly step down and continue on our merry way.

I’m not making a statement about abortion or gay’s in the church, but I just want to help give us the strength and courage to step up and carry our own heavy burdens, whatever it is we have been quietly called to bear.

Raw Spoon

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