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Anchored to Him

Sometimes i feel like a boat in a storm. When i get harshly criticized or feel like nobody likes me, I am completely blown off course and have to struggle to just stay above water. And sometimes when things are going really well, i forget where i came from and become neglectfully proud. They both come in waves.

But i was thinking, what if in everything i could anchor myself to a rock inside my chest that did not move, and on which Jesus sat. And if in every circumstance, instead of letting the external events turn my boat around and jar it off course, i pulled tighter on the anchor and looked inward to the face of my captain who wants the best for me.

And if i really saw my rock as Jesus sitting two inches behind my sternum, and if i retreated to a little meeting with him before i lost my cool, maybe I wouldn’t get so sunk or so selfish.

I think the key is that it would be my compassionate God, the one with the eyes on all time, even my encouraging captain who would inform my feelings and reactions instead of the uncaring, fickle world.

Raw Spoon



These BLOGS are usually inspired by messages I (or friends) feel we have heard from God. This is the nature of our God. Listen for how he may be speaking to you.

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