Holiness: Baby in an Old Man

When we were singing at church today, we called God holy. And I wondered what that really means. The first thought that came to mind was a brand new pink baby, eyes still closed and completely helpless. It is innocent, never having a chance to be guilty or sinful, and that seemed holy.

But then I thought, God is not a baby.

And so I pictured someone like a salt and peppered 65 year old man, but still fully living the deepest essence of life, the fun and tough stuff. Everest, entrepreneurship, humble war stories, needy neighbors, and non-profits. He was very strong but weathered over millenia of fighting for his multitude of kids.

So now I sort of picture Jesus as the oldest, most experienced man in all of time, who has made it through the gauntlet of temptations and bore the weight of being king for us and yet has stayed innocent and untainted all his life through like that pink baby. And the image of this man in my mind helps me understand why we call Jesus Holy.

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