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Brushes with fame

2 minute Bible study: Brushes with Fame

Last night I had a dream with Adrian Grenier. He's that tall debonaire actor in "Entourage" and "Devil Wears Prada." I've actually met him before because he purchased one of my pieces of art!

But he's one of those folks that I'm nervous to talk to. And I'm extremely hard on myself for saying the wrong thing to (just ask me about the embarrassing story of trying to text with him for the first time!). And when we were trying to meet up my heart started thumping really hard whenever I'd get a text from him. You know that I mean?

Well my dream last night was me hanging out a little too long at his house after like a party or something. ha! I had to gather up my messy sleeping bag for some reason and he gave me this little flicking finger movement letting me know I should stop talking and it was time to go. Ha. (He was really nice when I actually met him).

Oh and I also volunteer to help out behind the scenes at the Catalyst conference each year, giving rides to famous speakers and such. That's coming up this year and I've been debating on whether to do it again or not. I've led/driven around some really famous people in the Christian world. I really enjoy it but I can kind of psyche myself out and afterwards I'm so freaking hard on myself for saying what feels like dumb stuff or doing the wrong things.

Well, I was reading Mark 9 today. And it helped. Jesus and a couple of his disciples go up on a mountain and two of the most famous dudes in history, Moses and Elijah appear with them. Peter is like, "duh, uh, let's get out our sleeping bags and camp here" (I mean he didn't say sleeping bags, but he wanted to pitch tents which kinda showed he wanted to plant himself as more of a fixture in their lives.)

Moses and Elijah disappear half an hour later or something but I realized that the reason that Moses and Elijah first appeared was to hang out with an even greater super star: Jesus.

And you know who it was who walked down the mountain with Peter, James, and John that day? You know who slept in the bunk beds (or whatever) with them that night? You know who maybe made jokes with them about Moses' beard as they peed side by side in the urinal (or on a bush or whatever). It was Jesus. The MOST famous dude, the creator of the world, chose to be a fixture in these normal dude's lives.

And I guess he's kind of the same for us. Our story says that the most famous dude in history has made himself a home in our hearts. He's the one who goes back to our house with us. He's the one with whom we can have pillow talk in sleeping bags like a best friend or a brother. He was the guy who drove home with you in the car, after you met Michael Jackson the king of pop, or whatever. But he's even more famous than MJ. He's the king of everything.

Kinda makes it easier to be around these way less famous people.

Raw Spoon, 9-10-19



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