Chinese Checkers

I’ve wondered why it had to be someone who was sinless who could take the punishment for our sins. If my brother gets in trouble can’t I take the fall for him and all debts are paid?

Things became a little clearer when I pictured a game of Chinese checkers.

Picture that the marbles are sinful people and the little concave indents are the punishments each sinful marble deserves. Now what happens when a marble jumps into someone else’s indent to take their punishment? Well, then their own indent is left vacant! Now someone has to take the punishment for THEIR sin!

So to take our punishments another marble would have to be added to the game, a marble that doesn’t have an indent of his own. So what the administer of our game did was he took out a big enough part of his own body that he could split it up and drop it into each of our little holes and be the marbles for us. picture him pulling his teeth out, and cutting off his little finger tips and all this gruesome stuff until each of our little holes is filled. Just so we can be free from our stuffy matrix of holes in a little wooden board and we can roll freely around him. I know that’s disgusting. But that is basically the extent our God went to to bring freedom to us.

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