Cliff #2: Perspective vs. Perception

I have learned so much from my friend Cliff.  I want to teach some of his thoughts to the world to honor my friend and share the wealth.  Thank you for everything, Cliff.

Cliff says the key to evangelizing is not to realign a person’s perception, but instead their perspective.  What i learned from this is that to win a person over to Christ you must not only make the case that God exists, but make them want him to exist. Let them see that God makes a life so much more worth living, even though (and maybe because) he calls us to give it away.

Cliff used to go to a high profile church with a famous pastor.  One day when cliff was talking to visitors who were in line to meet the pastor he felt the need to tell this to a man named Jose: “if you give your life to Jesus, he will transform you in such a way that you can change the world.” 

A friend of Cliff’s that happened to know Jose said that Jose had stayed up that night thinking about the message God told Cliff to give him.  And he told Cliff that he could already see a difference in Jose’s life.  If there is a possibility in person’s mind that God exists, sometimes the only thing keeping them from believing is the desire to.

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