Does God Want Me To Have Kids?

I get to spend a couple weeks with my brothers and their hundreds of kids.

And I’m dating someone who, for most of her life, assumed she would have kids, And I’ve never really had the deep desire to have kids. This whole family thing just seems like a ton of work.

So it’s in times like this I ask God, should I get married and have kids? Do you want me to?

But I feel like his answer for some things like this is “do YOU want marriage and kids? I want you to own this.”

And that makes sense. It’s harder to know that all the work and frustration and delaying of my goals will happen, and still decide to take all that on. I need to own all the consequences of my decisions. It would be way easier if God just told me what to do and whenever it got hard I would probably just blame Him. I would have to be a much bigger man to choose it and take on the responsibility of all that comes with it.

And I think he wants his children to be bigger men and women.

At least that’s what I think I would want for my kids.

ps- Despite all the work, of course there are so many beautiful things about these busy, bustling, growing families. See my thoughts on that here.

Raw Spoon, 11-17-18


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