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God's wrestling Team: Add More Trust

Blameless army for a mythical king They look to us to see if it’s the real thing

When my high school wrestling team walked into a tournament, people stopped what they were doing.  We were killers.  We were the best team in the whole state; we had doubled the score of the second place team at the state tourney my junior year, and were prophesied to massacre even more my senior year.  We were giants among men. We were more than a group of high school boys.  We represented a future legend.

When we traveled to a tournament, we wore ties and slacks.  We couldn’t smoke and we had to make good grades.  We picked up trash from the sidewalks on which we walked.  We protected the weak and the harassed. It was our duty.  We represented something bigger and people were watching us.  People were looking for our achilles heel.  They wanted to see our weakness and prove we were fallible.  Wanted to prove to themselves that they could beat us and that our kingdom was still mortal.

That kingdom was mortal.


People stop when they see us with a Bible, or see us bow our heads before a meal.  And they begin to watch us, looking for our weakness.  They can’t wait to see us lie, or backbite, or cuss just to prove to themselves that they were right, our kingdom is just a myth.

Though we are not perfect, we are held to a higher standard because we march for someone who is perfect.  Our captain has defeated all the powers of evil in the world, and all eyes are looking at his army asking themselves, is their myth true?  That is why I think Christ’s followers are called to a higher standard in everything we do.  We must strive to be blameless.  We must live life with the most vigor!  We must love the poor better than others.  We must be the first to help fix a flat tire.  We must do our best to hone our wits, and train our intelligence for the tests of words.  We must fix our worth in God so that no one can break us on our insecurities.  We must be the most refined gentlemen and women but must be the first to put ourselves in harm’s way to protect the innocent.  We represent a king that claims he can save the world.  And it is the world that looks at our lives for evidence, to see if it is true that they too can really be saved.

Raw Spoon

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