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My New Books

Hey guys,

I haven’t blogged much lately because I’ve been working on some books. So here’s a glimpse into what I’ll hopefully publish soon!

I finally finished the 2nd draft of the novel I’ve been working on for the past two years, which is the third in the “Tobay and Ameni” trilogy. However, I didn’t realize this one novel would turn into three novels in addition to the first two! So now there are five in the “Tobay and Ameni” series. I have to do some big revisions still and finish illustrating them (I plan to heavily illustrate them, because their world is all invented). Here are rough titles and rough pictures:

Book 1) Tobay and Ameni

Book 2) Hollowed Stone

Book 3) The Fallowing Lands: How the suffering of the old world prepared us for the new

Book 4)Fire Spring Isle

Book 5)The World Renewed


Quote from book five: “And now, the new world will be born- at the cost of everything in the old. And as it grows older, the newer it will forever become.”


Here is a Kid’s book I recently finished:

It’s called “The Earthenites.” Here’s a little preview.



Another project on the horizon is “The Doubt Project.” I’ve always struggled with doubt, as you know if you follow my blog. So I’ve decided to confront it head on. I may reach out to my friends on facebook or by other means and ask you what are the things that make it most difficult to believe in the Christian faith. And I will try to compile questions and answers into a book where answers are proposed for each question in about two pages.

Thanks for your support! Please reach out if you have any ideas or encouragement! Or leave a comment here. Find me on facebook as Raw Spoon. Thanks all!

Raw Spoon

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