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Nice Jesus

It seems when reading the Bible Jesus is kind of a hard-ass. He says tough teachings and criticizes all the pastors. He heals people but then tells them you better stop sinning.

I saw a cheesy Jesus movie with the kids at my church the other day. I thought, this is hilarious because Jesus talks so softly and has big blue eyes and soft flowing hair.

As corny as the movie was, i cried a little bit! (Don’t judge me).

I had some cool breakthroughs with my counselor this week and had to do some errands afterwards. I found myself so peaceful and loving and present in every moment of human interaction. My counselor had said, “Not until a person is fully fulfilled, can they begin to really deny themselves for others.”

I bet Jesus was the most fulfilled individual of all time. It seems he would have the least insecurities. He didn’t care what people thought of him because He was best buds with the Creator. And then i thought, i bet he WAS just a really nice, loving guy in most of his interactions with people. He was strong enough to tell them hard truths that would change their lives but i now think he was also deeply peaceful and sincerely touched by just being with every day people.

I suppose you don’t have to have blue eyes and flowing hair and be the king of the heavens to be a really nice guy. It just helps if you know yourself and who you are in Him.

Raw Spoon

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