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Polyamorous? Yeah?

A few days ago I read a wife’s blog on “Polyamorous relationships” and how she espoused her husband’s extramarital escapades (I couldn’t resist punning with the word espouse, but it basically means “approved of”).

I thought something like, “Wow, have my cake and eat it too!? Man, that sounds. . . umm, delicious. If my wife would be okay with it, then why not?!”


But that blog got me thinking, and got me a little scared. If we move forward with this logic that anything is okay if both people are okay with it, would we be okay with where we end up?

Incest? Brother loves sister, then why not? Then Polygamy? Man wants multiple wives and they are cool with it, so go with it, guys. What about well-meaning pedophiles meeting the needs of children hungry for adult attention? Should children not be equal to adults in their right to choose? Beastiality? Animals have rights too! So when the dog so happily humps my leg, I’d consider that consent.

Would we find ourselves at a place where anything goes as long as everybody is being truly themselves, not repressing any desires, and not stepping on anybody else’s toes?

What would my grandpa think about where we’re going? Is it best that the morals of our society are constantly evolving?


Maybe “moral” is the right word here. In logic, I don’t see an argument against the direction of our cultural warming (like global warming is slowly changing the physical landscape). Especially if logic’s main decision making standards are based on equal rights, full realization of self, and “anything goes unless you’re stepping on someone else’s toes.”

Is there a morality that exists outside of our logic? Is there no line to be drawn by some external source?


Maybe the Bible? I try to think of what other standard has withstood the test of the ages. And I know some of what Christian culture claims is in the Bible should be re-examined, but if we are scared of where our pattern of human logic will lead us, I think I would like a line to be drawn somewhere. And I don’t know if we have any perfect answers, but we have to look at all the options and make the best choice out of what we have.

I think we probably all have burdens to bear. Things that are on the other side of the Bible’s morality line. But I think the world says something different about these types of burdens than Christianity does. Christ says we each are meant to carry our own cross up a hill. And I think that’s partly because in the self-sacrifice we are made into bigger humans, and are more conditioned to help the world. And I think maybe there is something more important than having an easy life, and getting everything we want out of this world. That may be because it is the very thing that is conditioning us for heaven.


Raw Spoon, 7-10-15

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