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Prayer is a Copout

I went to a friend’s house but he was not home. A stray dog came up to me. Both of his ears were cut open and gooey with infection. He seemed so friendly and helpless and I yearned to help him. But I didn’t want to touch him.

As I drove away asking God to please help that sick, poor dog, I heard a simple reply. “Why don’t YOU help that poor dog?”

Do I sometimes use prayer as a copout? I pray for them instead of bucking up to help them myself!  Take one freakin half hour out of your day, Ross to talk to that annoying kid that you pray for when you see others blowing him off.

Use your faculties. He made us for a purpose. And he made us smart or creative or athletic or funny for that same purpose! Our purpose is to serve him. We can bring that beautiful kingdom to our earth as we shine on others with our words and deeds. Tutor someone who’s struggling in school. Bake cookies just to surprise your neighbor. Start a good deeds club at school, and use all your cleverness, connections, or math prowess, and perseverance to overcome the obstacles and make it happen!

I have a list of people for whom I pray. I have another list of people in my cel phone. Almost everyone from the first list is in the second. Maybe the next time I’m going for a walk and I remember sad little Timmy and his crutches, I should say a prayer for him. But then I should actually call him. I may not be able to heal his body, but I can be part of God’s solution to heal his heart.

Raw Spoon

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