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STORY: He Does Not See Like We Do

Josh lifted his head up and looked at the worship leaders at the front. It was a 24 hour prayer room. He had just finished reading how God instructed Samuel to pick David, even though he thought Saul, or each of David's brothers looked way more suitable for God to choose to be king. But then came along little David, the one whose father didn't even think worthy to show, and God said, 'that one will be my king.' God has a different view of people than people's view of people.

Josh knew he should see his handicapped son as being more than just a handicapped 18 year old who couldn't talk or dress himself. In fact he had to get back home soon to wake him up before the babysitter came. Sure God had a different perspective of his son that people did. But it was pretty hard for Josh not to resent him for destroying Josh's dream of becoming a traveling singer/songwriter. He was jealous of artists like Josh Garrells and Wilder Adkins. Josh barely had enough time each day to do his HVAC sales work before he came home to relieve the expensive babysitter and get his son fed and ready for bed.

That and come to this prayer room. This prayer room had turned out to be pretty crucial for his survival. He would drive here (thank God it was only 5 minutes away) after his son was asleep and often again in the morning before his son woke up even just for 30 minutes at a time. Josh didn't really have time to sustain other relationships so it was pretty much him, his son, and Jesus.

He only had a moment more before he had to go so he looked back down at his Bible for any last word. He happened to see a chapter a few pages before the Samuel choosing David chapter. It was when Samuel was a kid and heard who he thought was Eli the priest call to him three different times. But when he went to ask what Eli wanted the third time, Eli realized it was God calling Samuel.

An interesting thought occurred to Josh: "I wonder if Eli was jealous that God called and talked to Samuel in a way he could hear?" And suddenly Josh heard, "This is my dream for you." Josh realized it was God's dream to call Josh to come talk with Him each day.

He gathered his things up and a smile inched across his face as he whispered. "God has different perspectives of people than man has of people. And he has different dreams for people than man has dreams for people."

Raw Spoon, 1-6-21



These BLOGS are usually inspired by messages I (or friends) feel we have heard from God. This is the nature of our God. Listen for how he may be speaking to you.

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