STORY: He Makes Me Look Up

It had been a long, hard season. 2 years ago his brother died. The next month he ran out of meds for his bi-polar and lost his dream job over it. He sunk into deep depression.

But it had led him to a year of silence, loneliness, and prayer. He had cried out to God over many months just for his own survival. He had wanted to die, but through having to trust in God had come to a place of deeper peace.

And it was now, as he thought about how far he had come, as he ate a bowl of cereal by the big window that overlooked the yard, that a novel thought occurred to him. "You are now ready to heal others."

He didn't know if it was the voice of God, or the result of a glimpse of joy surfacing from deep within his subconscious. But the effect was the same. He realized God's purpose for his life, and lives in general, was not only to find wholeness and healthiness, but it was then to bring the same to others.


Is God asking you to help others out of the healing you've had? In what areas?

Raw Spoon, 2-21-21


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