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STORY: Sins of the fathers unfetter

When the family of Wobbles went to the south

They returned with a Wiggle, tied at the mouth.

They had found him apart from his family of Wiggles

And grabbed him right up to work in their bellows.

No one would object; it's what others were doing

And the Wiggles weren't wise to the world of suing.

So they put the Wiggle to work. In the bellows he stood

That's in the basement, to stoke the fire with wood.

Wimmy the Wiggle grew up down there.

They fed him bread and water but not much to spare.

He grew up the same age as the little Wobbler kids.

Then they became adults like their parents once did.

The old parent Wiggles eventually passed on

And the youngins realized their parents' wrongs.

So they let the Wiggle free to claim his place in their home.

But of course they would not give up the nice rooms of their own.

So Wimmy the Wiggle lived in the rusty little nooks

Without access to healthy food, a good bed, good training or books.

And when little Wimmy went up the stairs to ask for a hammer

The Wobble kids felt threatened, and punished his bad manners.

The punishment in this house was to go back to the bellows

And every time Wimmy got out it was harder to settle.

And when he tried to ask for tools they heard a little anger

So they put him back down where he pounded the pipes with new fanger!

As Wimmy got more hungry and angry at Wobblers

He started taking little handfuls of the Wobbler's warm cobblers.

The Wobbles proclaimed, "You only deserve to bang in the bellows.

You can't be trusted at our table of fine fellows."

As it happened the Wobbles had a friend who was a priest.

And they called him because now they couldn't sleep.

So the priest came over and saw the ramshackle downstairs

And he went up the steep staircase to the Wobble's clean lairs.

He put his head in his hands when he went to the bottom.

The Wobbles gasped so articulately, "Whatever is the problem?"

Pappy the Priest called to little Wimmy

Who then emerged from his bed in the chimney.

Pappy put his arms around Wimmy and cried.

After a long time he looked up, sad, and he sighed.

"I see now, they took you from your home in the South."

The Wobbles had forgotten. They covered their mouths.

Pappy cried, "This is a horrible thing that they've done."

The Wobbles protested. "We've done nothing wrong!

We punish Wimmy because he's always so bad.

If we knew he'd behave we'd give him a bed!"

"It was your parents, I know," said the priest with a tone.

But now you must resolve their problem on your own.

And Wimmy cried "don't let them fix it because be fair it will not.

My voice must be heard. I must fight for my spot!"

The priest nodded slowly, "You both have a role."

You both must be humble and go steady and slow

Because trust must be built upon mutual striving.

One step without the other plants seeds of conniving.

Wiggles be open that your way is not right

Give Wimmy a place at your table and learn from his sight

And Wimmy as you see movement work hard to be better

For the slaves of the fathers must the children unfetter.

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These BLOGS are usually inspired by messages I (or friends) feel we have heard from God. This is the nature of our God. Listen for how he may be speaking to you.

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