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STORY: The Astronaut's Messenger

Little Blaire had been abducted by aliens at age 6. But to her it didn't seem the same as those conspiracy theory, probe-and-prod, mysterious big-eyed beings- type of abducted. She had always remembered it very fondly.

She was alone in their trailer home, her mom away on a drug binge and her father was already 3 years gone. A light filled the small space and a kind and shining woman materialized, sitting at the foot of their one bed.

The woman said, "Blaire, would you like to come with us? We want to help you." Blaire had nodded and the woman put her arms around her and when Blaire opened her eyes again they were on a beautiful, plant-filled, light filled space craft. It was like a giant greenhouse with little round rooms with no ceiling so you could look out of the big arched glass ceiling into the starry sky.

They held her there for a couple days, the woman holding her hand as they walked from place to place. They fed her special food, and did scans of her body. They gave her medicines, and adjusted her teeth with a strange machine. They gave her a couple injections which didn't really hurt. The woman said, "We just want to make sure you're healthy right now because you will need to be a light for this world. You will be next to someone very important when you grow up, and it will take a lot of strength to shine in that setting. You need to let people know that they must listen to their consciences because we are trying to speak to them through it. We are trying to help them save their world and if they can't, we want them to be worthy of the trip to the next. We'll be coming to only get those who truly want to start again, with a pure heart."


She had kept quiet about the "end is coming soon" part, not knowing if it had really happened, until she found herself the wife of a rotten Venezuelan president like they had predicted. He was popular and powerful but was corrupt. She was also popular all over the internet but known as a very pure woman. When she saw injustice she sternly called it out. When she saw greed degrading the ecosystems she publicly called them to task.

But now was perhaps her hardest task. All of her built-up trust among the people would have to be leveraged. She had ignored the calling until she had had a dream of that woman in the ship coming toward the earth. The great and terrible time was coming soon. She knew it was against her husband's financial well-being so she went to a place she would be safe and started a live stream of a video. She could see hundreds and then thousands logging on to see what she had to say. She introduced herself, very hesitantly and then got into her message.

"I have never told this story before because so many would stop listening to me. But it has built me into who I am. And I just had a dream of it again." And she told all about her abduction and the message of the great and terrible coming, where people would be judged and selected for their choices to care for people and ecosystems and by their desire to be of pure heart, like she had shown herself to be a good example.

It made the news and was sensational. But her attitude about it all was noted by many to be eerily serious and convicted. If there was ever to be anything to be believed about her, she wanted it to be this. Clips were replayed on news outlets across the world. And for a few hours that day millions of people checked their heart and their actions. Some of them, many of whom had used her as a model for their own lives nodded and continued with their day. And some of them changed. And some of them scoffed and went back to seeking money and power, no matter the cost to the world or their soul.


John the baptist was a sort of character like this. If we heard his message today, what would we be convicted to change? Where would my heart be if today was a type of judgment? How are you treating your conscience? Pushing it aside on your way to other things? Stop a moment and ask it, what have I been ignoring? What are you trying to say to me?

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These BLOGS are usually inspired by messages I (or friends) feel we have heard from God. This is the nature of our God. Listen for how he may be speaking to you.

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