Taking Part in My Salvation

I’ve learned that it is not me that gets me to heaven.  I can’t seem to stop sinning.  It is only Jesus who was righteous enough to earn it for all the rest of us.

If I cannot be good enough to make it into heaven on my own, then why am I given tests and temptations every day?  I think Jesus, after paying the impossible price, lets me toss my nickels into the pot just to be a part of the cause.  He says, only I was good enough to buy your salvation but I want you to do your best to try.

It is like my father bailing me out of jail for $100,000 and he lets me give him the $5 in my pocket as if it really helps.  But he doesn’t just ask us to empty our pockets.  He asks for all of the assets to our name.  And this is not because my anemic bank account or my car makes him any richer, but because God knows I will be happier when I give him everything I own and live in his house with Him.

So when that temptation comes I should choose to do the good thing, not because it will get me into heaven, but because I’ll start to look like the one who got me in.

Raw Spoon


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