The Existential Apologist

It’s hard to analytically prove that God exists and that Christ is God in this culture that says everybody can believe what they want and everybody’s beliefs can be correct.  And it is nearly impossible to invert the philosophy that has permeated this generation.

So how can we share our god’s story working within this paradigm?

Maybe this is how:

When someone says to you, “I can believe what I want.”

Tell him “Me too. Let’s believe that someone created this beautiful world for us, because he loves us. And in fact he loves us as much as his own life. And he helps us be more than we could not be by ourselves. And that will be our God.

Well, now who’s going to write down all this doctrine of our new religion. Maybe we should just be Christians. That’s what they believe and they already have it all written down and a whole community built around it already. That will save us a lot of leg work.”

Raw Spoon


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