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Why We Say All Sins are Equal in God's Sight

I think that as regards salvation, the reason that before God all sins are equal is because it’s not about the consequences; it’s about the choosing to disobey.

Whether we steal a matchbox car or a real car in both cases we have chosen to disobey. I’m pretty sure God’s kingdom isn’t about toys or Teslas. It’s about having a heart to obey.

The good thing is I think God is always ready for us if we repent. But what about those things I continually hold onto despite being told “let go.”

Ugggh. I’m thinking of those things in my life. The things I don’t let go of because I think their impact is so inconsequential. But doesn’t that show I am an animal that acts on the rewards and consequences of this world instead of God’s instructions?

What if it were that very smallest thing that proves to myself and God that I am not of a heart to obey? Out of all the great temptations in this world, I would not even give up that small thing.

God, help me have a heart to obey. Please help us obey.

Raw Spoon, 10-26-17

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