Why Won't God Help Me?

Sometimes after working really hard for something and seeing no help from above, we ask, “Why won’t God help me?” Where is He? Doesn’t He care?

In fictional stories, when God comes in and rescues the people who have gotten themselves into a mess, it’s called Deus Ex Machina (God in the Machine). Literary types roll their eyes when they see this. That’s because it is an easy solution for writers who have worked their characters into a jam. But it feels cheap because we don’t get to see the true nature of the characters come out. Sometimes I think this is why we don’t see God appear in our stories very much. Because this earth is a place where God, and the world, get to see the true character of us come out. When we see someone working really hard to overcome a hard situation, even if while having faith and relying on God, it is so much more beautiful than if God swoops in and solves everything.

Have faith, my friends, trust the process, and trust in our author to write us into beautiful stories.


Raw Spoon, 1-19-17


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