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  • STORY: When You Die

    Papers fell out of it almost every time she opened it. “Well,” the teacher said, “How good do you think you have to be?” Samson’s hand shot up again.  “Well, um, where are you going, Sir?” “I’m going over there.”

  • Wanting a Spouse like Wanting a King

    And even recognizing the ways we weren’t connecting well, but wanted to, stirred up something in me. Also, married people’s calling can become to love each other or raise a family, so marriage definitely helps

  • STORY: Missing Husband

    Or even moreso when I seek direction or help in my life by praying, and I don’t hear anything and nothing By age 18 Janie knew every one of the boys in the small high school well enough to know that even tho But that he is there listening to each of my love letters, each night as I bow my head before bed and tell

  • Appointments with Disappointment

    Even after shelling out tens of thousands of hard-earned dollars for her body’s brokenness, he ordered But he said all that is just to help her survive. The iPad is to make her happy. how she just felt really known and loved by her mother because she had listened to her daughter so well Besides, you don’t have that kind of cash and you’ve already gifted me well!”

  • In Response to the Anti-Christian Church

    It is well with my soul.” And it claims that it is. 📷 Conclusion This religion offers us the keys to ancient halls of time, communion

  • STORY: President's daughter.

    That night Victoria snuggled up in her daddy's lap, telling him all about her day. If I can figure out how to help you learn best, someone I dearly care about, and learn what is required

  • Story: Gay Boy.

    Secrets that he couldn’t tell anyone. Secrets that made him cry at night.  She said if there was anything he wanted to tell her, she would be there for him no matter what. Then that strange compassion welled inside of him again as Chad watched Lincoln walk around the corner He was almost late and the halls were clearing out. He turned the corner where Lincoln had walked.

  • STORY: The Little Dude Inside

    Tell me what I can do to help you drive this body.” He had not truly loved his parents, and they probably had been able to tell

  • STORY: Broken Bible, Fragile Faith

    “Just like, ‘you gotta be careful telling people the word of God is flawless, and like perfectly perfect “Ok, then who would you believe to tell the message Jesus would have wanted to tell?” “Well, I guess maybe,” He thought, “Peter, I guess. Trey held his palms up as if it would be absurd for him to know such a specific detail. And we might as well bet the farm on it.” He finished her thought.

  • Story: Silver-Blue Eyes on Christmas Morning.

    This dependable supply of rain helped the city reach a sort of renaissance long before its neighbors. The treasure is ours to enjoy, but not ours to take and sell.” The first problem was the stench and the next quickly on its heels were the flies. But there was a strange reverence that he held when talking to the boy. And slowly the land healed and the sky cleared up.